Starting off an Essay

When provided with an essay it is not advicable to go directly to writing as one may end up losing the reader’s interest or present inadequate information and to a large extent incorrect one. All this could only make the essay score less or lose its intended purpose. However, here are some important tips to consider when starting off an essay:

Understand what it entails.

It is important to first read the assignment at hand so as to fully understand what it required of you. Ensure to understand every detail of the instruction and for the words you do not understand, check them up. In case where you do not understand anything, always ask the teacher or whoever provided the assignment for clarification. It is also important to know who your audience. If the audience are experts on the topic at hand, then it is not necessary explaining some terms used as most probably they already know. Also, it is essential to know the purpose of the essay. This is so as to determine the tone to use, for instance, if the essay is meant to convince then an authoritative tone would be handy.

Do your research.

After understanding what is required of you, it is now time to look up for that which is required. Ensure to document every source used. In choosing the sources, first make sure it is credible so as to be sure of the correctness of the information it presents and to also avoid plagiarism. The documented sources should be included in the essay at the reference part so as to again prevent plagiarism and also for future use in case further research on the same topic will be necessary.

Write a thesis statement.

A thesis statement is one that presents your argument. It is written so as to guide the writer in formulating their points of argument. It should be;

* clear

* precise

* detailed

* demonstrative

* argumentative.

The thesis statement also ensures the writer does not veer off from the main course.

Interesting introduction.

Intriduction is most likely the part the reader will grace first. It is therefore essential to make it eye catching and interesting as this way the reader’s interest will be assured to the conclusion. Some of the great ways to do it is starting off with a question or a fascinating statement. These briefly represent the whole idea of the essay and also serve to capture the reader’s attention.

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