Revising an Essay: Important Tips

You have just finished writing an essay and now relieved the work is finally done. However it is not yet ready for handing over. There is a rule to any kind of writing; thou shall not claim to have finished writing until the work undergoes refining. Even the great writers revise their work after writing as skiping this step could make a very formulated strong idea not understood by the reader due to some avoidable errors. Lets look into some important tips to help when revising an essay.

Use checkers.

It is important to run your work in spelling, grammar and spacing checking applications. This ensure that the essay does not have spelling, grammatical and spacing spacing errors respectively. Most softwares used to create documents such as microsoft word have these checkers within them so you just have to review your work. However, these checkers does not proofread your work.

Give it human touch.

Some of the checkers can be faulty or skip some errors. It is therefore not healthy trusting them fully. After running the checkers, go through the work, check and correct any spoted error. However, to avoid writing blindness, first put away the essay for some time then read each sentence later and correct the spoted errors. Also give the essay to others to go through as they may spot errors you could have skipped.

Do more research.

This is aimed at ensuring the information indicated in the essay is true and correct. It may involve checking for more sources of information or going through the documented ones in the essay. This also boosts the writer’s confidence that the information in the essay is the correct one. On the other hand, do not involve many sources as this is an essay not a research paper where that could be necessary.

Keep it simple.

An essay is more of a formal kind of writing. It is therefore necessary to avoid informalities. Keep from using many vocabulary that requires the reader to keep consulting their dictionary. Remember it is meant for the reader and much vocabulary will only make the reader lose interest. On the contrary, some little related vocabulary maybe necessary. In such a case, ensure to give their meaning. Avoid figures of speech. Also ensure to use a simple style, avoid much bold, much itallic or much colour. For the font style use Times New Roman or Helvetica.


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