Difference Between an Essay and Research paper.

Difference Between an Essay and Research paper.

A research paper is a form of writing in which the writer analyses and defends their point of view in a detailed approach by providing other people’s ideas on the same as evidence whileas an essay is a piece of writing in which the writer gives their side of the story on the topic and defends often shallowly by giving few facts. These two types of writing do confuse many as they are almost similar in that they both are all about research. However, there some differences between them. Here we look into these differences.

What they entail.

A research paper entails detailed information about a given topic where the writer incorporates into it previous research works done then adds their own point of view whileas for an essay, it is basically the writer’s point of view on a given topic supported by facts. From the foregoing, an essay must not include previous works done as opposed to research paper. Together with that, a research paper requires the writer to have a deep understanding of the topic at hand which is not the case with an essay.


A research paper is usually long as it gives much detailed information on the topic. Mostly, it is usually eight pages and above as the writer has to show clearly their full understanding of the idea at hand whileas an essay is short often five paragraphs.


A research paper is aimed at deepending the writers knowledge on the topic. An essay on the other hand basically aims at testing or improving the writer’s writing skills. Together with that, a research paper is meant to explain at length the topic at hand whileas an essay is just aimed at solving the question by providing an answer.


The time and resources required to prepare for and come up with a research paper is much as one has to look deeply for information, look at previously done research on the same topic, organise and sort all the information then come up with their own paper where plagiarism should be avoided. On the contrary, one does not necessary require much time to prepare and come up with an essay as they just have to look for several facts to second their argument then come up with the paper. The research paper often consult and display other people ideas on the topic at hand whileas the essay just depends on the writer’s knowledge and experiences with few facts to second.

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