The Various parts of a Research Proposal

The Various parts of a Research Proposal

A research proposal is a formal academic document that aims at convincing others that you have a viable research problem that you are capable of studying within a specified time frame. It then follows that there is a conventional format of writing academic proposals. An acceptable research proposal should have the following key elements: title, abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology and a list of references. It is good to keep in mind that a proposal is judged by both its content and format.

An acceptable research proposal should have a well defined topic that should come from an area that you are enthusiastic about. Different writing styles have different regulations when it comes to writing the tile of your research proposal. An abstract is an important part of your research proposal and it aims at telling the reader what your research proposal is all about in a limited number of words.

The introduction is yet another important part of your research proposal that aims at setting the context of your research problem. This part also aims at providing some background information about your research problem.

The introduction chapter is followed by the literature review. This is where you are expected to review the relevant literature and theories in relation to your proposed study. This is the part that you that you actually demonstrate that you understand the various lines of argument that have been advanced in your area of study. Literature review is very important as it helps you to further focus your research problem. It also helps in avoiding duplication of research.

The methodology is normally the chapter that comes after the literature review. Here the researcher is expected to clearly indicate how he/she aims at tackling the research problem. This is the chapter where the researcher is supposed to show that he/she also understands alternative methods. It is however worth to note that the types of methods applicable in a given research are determined by the category under which the research falls. For example, the research methods in qualitative research are different from those applied in quantitative research. Notably, some fields utilize both the elements of qualitative and quantitative research in what is commonly referred to as mixed methods.

The reference forms another important of a research proposal. References help the readers to track your sources of information. In other words, you will have to acknowledge all the sources of information used in order to increase the credibility of your work.

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