Starting off an Essay

When provided with an essay it is not advicable to go directly to writing as one may end up losing the reader’s interest or present inadequate information and to a large extent incorrect one. All this could only make the essay score less or lose its intended purpose. However, here are some important tips to consider when starting off an essay:

Understand what it entails.

It is important to first read the assignment at hand so as to fully understand what it required of you. Ensure to understand every detail of the instruction and for the words you do not understand, check them up. In case where you do not understand anything, always ask the teacher or whoever provided the assignment for clarification. It is also important to know who your audience. If the audience are experts on the topic at hand, then it is not necessary explaining some terms used as most probably they already know. Also, it is essential to know the purpose of the essay. This is so as to determine the tone to use, for instance, if the essay is meant to convince then an authoritative tone would be handy.

Do your research.

After understanding what is required of you, it is now time to look up for that which is required. Ensure to document every source used. In choosing the sources, first make sure it is credible so as to be sure of the correctness of the information it presents and to also avoid plagiarism. The documented sources should be included in the essay at the reference part so as to again prevent plagiarism and also for future use in case further research on the same topic will be necessary.

Write a thesis statement.

A thesis statement is one that presents your argument. It is written so as to guide the writer in formulating their points of argument. It should be;

* clear

* precise

* detailed

* demonstrative

* argumentative.

The thesis statement also ensures the writer does not veer off from the main course.

Interesting introduction.

Intriduction is most likely the part the reader will grace first. It is therefore essential to make it eye catching and interesting as this way the reader’s interest will be assured to the conclusion. Some of the great ways to do it is starting off with a question or a fascinating statement. These briefly represent the whole idea of the essay and also serve to capture the reader’s attention.

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Revising an Essay: Important Tips

You have just finished writing an essay and now relieved the work is finally done. However it is not yet ready for handing over. There is a rule to any kind of writing; thou shall not claim to have finished writing until the work undergoes refining. Even the great writers revise their work after writing as skiping this step could make a very formulated strong idea not understood by the reader due to some avoidable errors. Lets look into some important tips to help when revising an essay.

Use checkers.

It is important to run your work in spelling, grammar and spacing checking applications. This ensure that the essay does not have spelling, grammatical and spacing spacing errors respectively. Most softwares used to create documents such as microsoft word have these checkers within them so you just have to review your work. However, these checkers does not proofread your work.

Give it human touch.

Some of the checkers can be faulty or skip some errors. It is therefore not healthy trusting them fully. After running the checkers, go through the work, check and correct any spoted error. However, to avoid writing blindness, first put away the essay for some time then read each sentence later and correct the spoted errors. Also give the essay to others to go through as they may spot errors you could have skipped.

Do more research.

This is aimed at ensuring the information indicated in the essay is true and correct. It may involve checking for more sources of information or going through the documented ones in the essay. This also boosts the writer’s confidence that the information in the essay is the correct one. On the other hand, do not involve many sources as this is an essay not a research paper where that could be necessary.

Keep it simple.

An essay is more of a formal kind of writing. It is therefore necessary to avoid informalities. Keep from using many vocabulary that requires the reader to keep consulting their dictionary. Remember it is meant for the reader and much vocabulary will only make the reader lose interest. On the contrary, some little related vocabulary maybe necessary. In such a case, ensure to give their meaning. Avoid figures of speech. Also ensure to use a simple style, avoid much bold, much itallic or much colour. For the font style use Times New Roman or Helvetica.


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Difference Between an Essay and Research paper.

Difference Between an Essay and Research paper.

A research paper is a form of writing in which the writer analyses and defends their point of view in a detailed approach by providing other people’s ideas on the same as evidence whileas an essay is a piece of writing in which the writer gives their side of the story on the topic and defends often shallowly by giving few facts. These two types of writing do confuse many as they are almost similar in that they both are all about research. However, there some differences between them. Here we look into these differences.

What they entail.

A research paper entails detailed information about a given topic where the writer incorporates into it previous research works done then adds their own point of view whileas for an essay, it is basically the writer’s point of view on a given topic supported by facts. From the foregoing, an essay must not include previous works done as opposed to research paper. Together with that, a research paper requires the writer to have a deep understanding of the topic at hand which is not the case with an essay.


A research paper is usually long as it gives much detailed information on the topic. Mostly, it is usually eight pages and above as the writer has to show clearly their full understanding of the idea at hand whileas an essay is short often five paragraphs.


A research paper is aimed at deepending the writers knowledge on the topic. An essay on the other hand basically aims at testing or improving the writer’s writing skills. Together with that, a research paper is meant to explain at length the topic at hand whileas an essay is just aimed at solving the question by providing an answer.


The time and resources required to prepare for and come up with a research paper is much as one has to look deeply for information, look at previously done research on the same topic, organise and sort all the information then come up with their own paper where plagiarism should be avoided. On the contrary, one does not necessary require much time to prepare and come up with an essay as they just have to look for several facts to second their argument then come up with the paper. The research paper often consult and display other people ideas on the topic at hand whileas the essay just depends on the writer’s knowledge and experiences with few facts to second.

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The various types of Social Science Research

The various types of Social Science Research

Social science is an umbrella term that refers to the plurality of disciplines that facilitate the study of society such as anthropology, sociology, economics, psychology, political science and in some contexts history, geography and law. Social science research can basically fall into more than three categories. The three broad categories of research in social science that an essay writer should know are are quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods.

Quantitative research in social sciences usually involves collecting and analyzing that is relevant to a given research problem and converting it into numerical form so that mathematical and statistical calculations can be made. The conclusion of this type of research is therefore based on such statistical calculations. Qualitative research on the other hand involves the collection of data that can help uncover the deeper meaning of human behavior and experience. Notably, qualitative research doesn’t necessarily aims at generalizing the findings of a given study to a larger population.

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Mixed methods are yet another approach of social science research.  This pragmatic approach involves using the methods most suitable in collecting and analyzing particular type of data without necessarily worrying much whether the method falls under qualitative or quantitative methods. This type of research appreciates that both qualitative and quantitative research methods can complement each other if utilized properly. This type of approach has a great advantage of triangulation. Triangulation is one of the ways of ensuring credibility of your research and it includes among other things; the use of multiple theories to interpret the results, the use of variety of data sources, the use of multiple methods to study a given research problem and the use of different researchers.

Research in social science can also be classified as basic research, applied research and action research. Basic research is the research that is carried out for the sake of the knowledge. This type of research normally tends to lead to theoretical development which may or may not have a practical application. The results of this type of academic research are normally disseminated through academic media. Applied research is intended to lead to the solution of specific problems. Action research starts from the view that research should lead to change and that change should therefore be incorporated in the research process. Participants in this type of research are likely to learn a lot from the process itself. It then follows that there are several categories in which research in social sciences can fall.

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The Various parts of a Research Proposal

The Various parts of a Research Proposal

A research proposal is a formal academic document that aims at convincing others that you have a viable research problem that you are capable of studying within a specified time frame. It then follows that there is a conventional format of writing academic proposals. An acceptable research proposal should have the following key elements: title, abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology and a list of references. It is good to keep in mind that a proposal is judged by both its content and format.

An acceptable research proposal should have a well defined topic that should come from an area that you are enthusiastic about. Different writing styles have different regulations when it comes to writing the tile of your research proposal. An abstract is an important part of your research proposal and it aims at telling the reader what your research proposal is all about in a limited number of words.

The introduction is yet another important part of your research proposal that aims at setting the context of your research problem. This part also aims at providing some background information about your research problem.

The introduction chapter is followed by the literature review. This is where you are expected to review the relevant literature and theories in relation to your proposed study. This is the part that you that you actually demonstrate that you understand the various lines of argument that have been advanced in your area of study. Literature review is very important as it helps you to further focus your research problem. It also helps in avoiding duplication of research.

The methodology is normally the chapter that comes after the literature review. Here the researcher is expected to clearly indicate how he/she aims at tackling the research problem. This is the chapter where the researcher is supposed to show that he/she also understands alternative methods. It is however worth to note that the types of methods applicable in a given research are determined by the category under which the research falls. For example, the research methods in qualitative research are different from those applied in quantitative research. Notably, some fields utilize both the elements of qualitative and quantitative research in what is commonly referred to as mixed methods.

The reference forms another important of a research proposal. References help the readers to track your sources of information. In other words, you will have to acknowledge all the sources of information used in order to increase the credibility of your work.

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