Ever dreamt to fly? Is Toyota trying to make your dream come true?

Who say’s dreams don’t come true? Infact, in this ever increasingly technological world, if you see a dream, you never know if it becomes true without you believing. Did you recently hear the news about the attention-grabbing drone delivering pizza in Mumbai? And probably you wished to actually have flying cars to beat the increasing traffic these days?

Well without being behind the times, Toyota, the Japanese auto manufacturer came up with the idea of developing a future airborne car. Hearing this have you already started considering yourself as a superman sitting in the hover car flying in the air? Without a doubt, the company has been thinking on the idea of flying cars at one of the Toyota’s high tech Research and Development centers.

The company made it clear that it wont be flying but to reduce on the friction movement, it will be a floating car slightly above the road ground. This is just a case study by the company, which might not make it in showrooms in real sense in near future. Without a miss on such an amazing idea, everything new comes with pros and cons.

Here is the list of ups and downs while you fly around in a hover car:




  • With absolutely no contact with the road due to the flying ability, it will be a major success on the Indian roads where endless bumps make driving difficult.
  • Now you don’t have to worry about the tyre puncture in the middle of the road.
  • With zero like friction, the life of the tyre would be for a lifetime. You will save on your pocket for buying replacement tyres.
  • One can easily sip a Coffee/Tea while travelling around unlike current situation where you are bound to spill it on your clothes if ever you tried on the Indian bouncy roads.
  • The Hover car will surely save on lives, as you will not be the situation of overtaking or struggling to find your way between the animals on road or loosing on your nerves due to maddening traffic.




  • With cars on road, one can bring it to standstill with the help of friction along the road and tyres. But with light weight Toyota’s Hover car, the company with the effort of bringing the floating car has to create the system of bringing the Hover car to hault in seconds else it will be a dangerous situation to even imagine a car without any stop system.


  • Ever seen how a light weighted tree flies in air with the direction of the wind moving, even if the tree doesn’t wish to. The same case would be for the Hover car while changing the lanes in air. All it will need is a strong wind to blow it away changing a lane even if the driver doesn’t want to.


  • After hearing such amazing dreamy ideas, no one thinks about the cost of the product but simply goes in the fantasyland where all they can imagine is sitting in the flying/floating car and having a maneuver.
  • People who enjoy sports like off-roading in cars like Toyota Fortuner would not be pleased with such cars.



So inspired with such innovative idea by the manufacturer? Are you also the one who wants to owe such a unique car like me? Do you think for such idea money minded people of India would invest in if the carmaker even plans it to bring the case study to reality? Let us know your views and feedback for the same. Keep dreaming, you never know what’s the next dream that might come true.

It’s all about Bombay Velvet

Bombay Velvet, an upcoming 2014 Hindi drama film directed and co-produced by Anuraj Kashyap. The film is based on the historian Gyan Prakash’s book Mumbai Fables. The film is all about a story of how a city of Mumbai became a metropolis against all the odds the backdrop of love, greed, violence and jazz music. The film tells the story of one ordinary man who goes through all the odds and mean while; he forgets his destiny to become a ‘Big Shot’. The film is all about jazz clubs, a passionate love story in a growing metropolis and the man’s hunger for a good life.


The film will feature Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma in the lead roles while Karan Johar will play the role of primary antagonist. Raveena Tandon, Kay Kay Menon and Siddharth Basu will also be featured in supporting roles. The director was first inspired to do such a film after reading the L.A.Quartet which is a sequence of four crime fiction novels by James Ellroy, set in the late 1940s through the late 1950s in LA. This novel inspired him the most to get into the dark history of Bombay where he found his treasure as his never ending love.
Ranbir Kapoor will be portraying as a street fighter while Anushka Sharma will appear as a jazz singer. Director Karan Johar will make his full-fledged acting debut where he will appear enacting the role of the primary antagonist, Kaizad Khambatta. Velvet is a part of Anurag’s grand vision, his innovative story telling, his movie- making process with his every doing in the most perfect way is sure to create success at the box office. It will make its way to the cinema halls in November 2014 to become the next big success.

Stay updated with us to know more about the movie and the other upcoming releases.